Server Administration

Our Linux server management solutions provides you with 24/7 unlimited access to our expert linux server administration team. We remotely handle all of your servers technical issues such as the server optimization, server security, and server monitoring. By utilizing our services, you will be able to focus on your core business and be more successful – without the technical headache and stress of managing your Linux servers.

Starting at just $65 per month

  • Unlimited Linux Server Administration Tickets
  • 24/7 Server Monitoring – 5 Min.
  • Initial Linux Server Security
  • Standard 3rd Party Server Software
  • Nameserver & DNS Management
  • Server Updates & Patches Applied
  • Hacked Server Analysis & Recovery
  • Re-Secured Post Intrusion
  • Server Backup Restoration
  • user and developer friendly Server Administration Team
  • Server Administration Consultation
  • Proactive Server Security
  • Server Migrations & Server Transfers
  • PCI DSS Scan Resolution
  • Server Cluster Management & Setup
  • Maximum Response Time 4hrs
  • Email server administration
  • MySql database server administration(replication and clustering)

We have several levels of custom server optimization services, which are offered by quote. Please contact us for custom Linux server management pricing. We also have set prices for most other custom installations of packages & 3rd party software, which ensures we get the job for you at the best possible price.